Miller Family Fundraiser at Club 54 in Sterling Heights on 05/17/19

Fundraising Event For The Miller Family

As many of you know, Beyond Eleven is a group of guys that enjoys helping those in need!!, and rocking your socks off in the process!

The upcoming fundraising event for the Miller Family listed below is one of those causes…..

Fundraiser for the Miller Family
Friday, June 17th.
Event starts at 7:00 pm

Club 54
37722 Van Dyke Ave.,
Sterling Heights, MI 48312


Beyond Eleven is going to raffle off 2 guitars
There will also be a 50/50 raffle

Kim and Jeff’s story…..

Kim and Jeff Miller were like any other 40-year olds, enjoying their lives together with their children and grandchildren. However, in 2013 their lives began to change. Jeff had two strokes in a fairly short period of time. The strokes have left Jeff unable to work, and with owning his business this set the family back financially…….. The family adjusted and life went on.

Then in the latter part of 2017 Jeff suffered 3 more strokes almost consecutively. The severity of his strokes left his memory and his ability to complete daily tasks to that of an 8-year old child.

Now Jeff no longer recognizes Kim or his children….. The family started him on therapy with hopes of him regaining some of his memories, and hopefully the ability to once again do daily activities…..

To date, Jeff is still unable to work and his business was forced to shut down.

Then at Christmastime in 2017, Kim became ill just a couple months after Jeff’s debilitating strokes. After several visits to the doctors and dozens of tests, a diagnosis was given…. Kim has stage 4 Adenocarcinoma (Glandular Cancer). Doctors said the cancer is incurable but treatable. However, a year later the cancer had spread throughout her body and is now affecting her brain. Because of this, Kim herself suffered a stroke in December 2018, and another shortly thereafter in January 2019….. The chemo is destroying her platelets which makes surgical procedures for the other cancer related obstacles very difficult, if not impossible.

Although everything looks bleak for Kim and Jeff they continue fighting! Kim is not only fighting her life, but for Jeff’s as well!

During their struggle, family and friends have done everything they can to help emotionally and financially. But as their struggle continues, it is now realized that it takes more than a village…

For further information, please contact;
Yvonne Murray
Rana Shepperson

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!!

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